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My name is Steve Massey, a Website designer and developer and creator of Hillview Websites.

In March 2013 I started a new chapter in my career as an IT programmer/analyst. I completed 31 years working in IT for a few large corporations and began a new journey as a freelance web developer working with single clients.  Initially I worked with the ColdFusion programming language to capitalize on the one year’s experience working on a large ColdFusion corporate finance application.  After a year working with ColdFusion I began working with the SquareSpace CMS and did complete a few of websites for clients. I enjoyed working with SquareSpace and still have a few websites I manage with SS but I started looking into PHP and WordPress because of it’s open archeture.  I like PHP primarily because of the ability to both design and develop the website front end and to code and modify with the language with MySQL RDBMS on the backend.  WordPress and PHP also provides a complete tool set to work directly with the MySQL DBMS and the ability to create a complete web application with front end data entry and backend database storage.  I began working some with jQuery and attended a jQuery conference as well as taking some advanced courses.

In May of 2014 I began working full time learning the PHP language and how to build web applications with PHP, WordPress and MySQL and began creating websites using both WordPress and Squarespace CMS.  Daily I kept a good journal log of what I was learning with PHP, Javascript and WordPress. After hiring Jake Jorgovan a freelance consulting coach to help me with marketing and expanding my list of clients I took Jake’s advice and began to turn my daily notes of learning PHP into Blog articles. The 22 blog entries you now see on this website are the blog entries I created from my notes from learning PHP. I hope they might be helpful to others learning this important language.   I also hired Ryan Bobrowski a very talented PHP programmer to coach me in all aspects of PHP and to fill in those holes in my learning plan of important PHP language items I needed to know.

 Last year I studied Website design with Rita Haaga a graphic designer in Seattle WA. She helped me greatly and I highly recommend Rita for any website work. 

Currently I am maintaining WordPress websites for a number  of my clients and I host them on a VPS server at Bluehost but I am in the process of moving all clients over to Squarespace. Squarespace is my new choice for website design and development.  I am having some great success in getting SEO working with Squarespace and have increased one website visitor count from 2 per day to over 48 per day!

As noted earlier I did complete a few SquareSpace websites which gave me a good background in overall web design and development strategies. I completed a redesign of a Marriage and Family Therapist Website using Squarespace and also completed a Physical Therapist website blog. These websites can be viewed in my Portfolio page in this website.  I just completed a new Squarespace website for a local Plumbing company and completing a new Squarespace version of my counseling client. 

I have enjoyed writing blog entries in my hillviewweb.com website on all aspects of  Squarespace , WordPress and PHP. As of today I am getting anywhere from 120 to 220 unique daily visitors. I plan to allow some comments in the future after I figure out the spam situation and get that under better control. 

Other then Squarespace design and  development I enjoy spending my  time playing finger style guitar, fishing and spending time with my family. My wife is a wonderful Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with a thriving business  – www.barbaramassey.com.